Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lighting choices narrowed down to these

I will have two of these above the island.(image below)

Mossoro Outdoor Hanging Lantern

This one will be used as the foyer pendant.


Anonymous said...

I almost ordered these. I am curious how they work as pendant lights for an island? My decorator friend talked me out of them because they had a bottom and the light went out the sides, not down to the island. I still love them.

courteneykay said...

I love love love them, and they are the best deal for the price. I also had people at the lighting store try to talk me out of it b/c they said that it might not be enough light above my island. I think that it does not give as much as the regular island light fixtures that shine down on the island, but it gives plenty for me. I will say that I also have can lights in the kitchen. So, I say get them if you like them. Also, I had my father-in-law install a dimmer for them, which I love, and I rarely have them all the way bright. Hope this helps!