Friday, May 7, 2010

Fraudulent Charges.....What a week!!!

Paul tells me that our credit card bill seemed to be a bit high. We take a look at it and find a $390 charge from Entergy. A charge that we did not authorize. A charge that we know nothing about. Great! One more thing to deal with. So, I call the credit card company and tell them the story. While on the phone with Citi cards, we conference call the Entergy number for the $390 charge. We determine that the number is a third party number for a company that Entergy uses for billing, called billtex or something. That guy tells me that he can see that we should have not been charged and that it was a mistake. Unfortunately, he says" you will have to take it up with Entergy. I can't remove it for you until May 18." I say, what the H@!! do you mean you can't fix this. You did charge me for something that you should not have, right? Why can't you fix it until May 18. Meanwhile I am paying finance charges for something that I shouldn't. Ahhhhgggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

I get the run around and we get off the phone with him. The citi card lady then says to me that she had not had a phone call that weird in a long time. For them to realize its wrong and do nothing about it. So, I decided to file a dispute and start the annoying process.

Later on when I got home from class, I told Paul and he was of course not happy. He immediately calls Entergy and gets the same run around that I got, except they tell him this charge does not exist and that there is nothing they can do. So he tells them to conference their billing company so all three can work this out (and a few other choice words that I will leave out). This goes on for another 20 minutes and we get nowhere. They tell us that someone has somehowe attained our credit card information and used it to pay their bill. But they say they can't do anything about it, even thought they can see who paid their bill. B/c of privacy laws they cant tell us who did it, but they can see it.

Now I get that they can't just give out that info, but why cant they fix it. They know it is a fraudulent charge, but they cant fix it. Can you tell that I am frustrated???????? Hmmmmm??? Oh, and on top of that. Apparently you have 60 days to dispute a charge. After that these people get off free for using our card. That is a little weird since May 18 would be 60 days. You know, the same day that the guy said he could clear it. Hmmmm?

Needless to say I am filing a dispute and will not be paying this charge. I should get the paperwork that I have to start filling out this next week. What a pain in the a**!!! Now we might have to change all our credit card information AGAIN! I would rather just use cash to pay for everything.

So, be careful with your credit card information.

Happy Friday!

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