Saturday, May 15, 2010

Project Fabric Covered Headboard

Tonight I am working on the fabric covered headboard that will go in our guestroom. My FIL brought it to me today, along with Marsha and Anna. Last week we got the piece of plywood from his shop. We decided on the overall dimensions and the shape of the headboard and started cutting away. Now it is ready for me to cover with fabric.

First I am going to cover it with 3" thick foam.(got it at Hancocks 1/2 off) I need to run to the store and buy spray adhesive first. (oops I forgot to get that). Then I am going to put a layer of batting on top of that. Next, I will put the fabric on top of that.

Here are some pictures of headboards that are the same shape as the one that I am making:

Image: Massucco Mark Warner

Image source unknown

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