Thursday, May 27, 2010

update on the house

Keystones are in. They look a little different than I thought they would, but they are ok. The one in the middle should be bigger than the other ones. They messed up the island measurements and forgot my cookbook shelf at the end. So, they have to take it out and put in a new one. They painted the wrong color trim and have to fix that too......

Oh, and the space to put the fridge is 24" deep. I thought it was deeper. That means that if we get the regular depth fridge then it will stick out over 11 inches. I talked to the project manager today and he recommended that we get the counter depth fridge for our kitchen b/c of the placement of the fridge. You can see below where the refrigerator will go. It is the open space to the left of the corner pantry. See how close it is to the edge of the wall where the corner pantry is. A regular depth fridge will stick out to the edge of the wall or past the wall. It would stick out too much. The only problem is the price difference in the counter depth fridge vs. the regular depth fridge. Counter depth refrigerators are alot more expensive. Hopefully we can find a good deal this weekend for Memorial Day holiday.

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