Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fabric for living room

This is the fabric I have chosen for our dining room window. Love it!! It is called kiwi and I got it at P.Tree Textiles

I like this fabric, like the texture, but not sure where I am going to use it. I originally thought it would be great for our dining room chairs. Now I am not so sure. The pic below is a similar pattern on the foot stool. Hmmmm???

I could go a complete different direction with the chairs and use the Tilbury Lapis from Calico Corners which I have had my eye on for quite a while. I am leaning towards this. I think that the green curtains would pull out the green in this fabric. What do ya think?

I had ordered this fabric below from LS fabrics in Peacock. When it arrived in the mail and I pulled it out, the colors just didn't work right in my dining area, and I think the one above will be just right. I still like the one below, but might use it somewhere else on a pillow or something.

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