Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The long search for Curtain rods that return to the wall

I have searched and searched for curtain rods that return to the wall like the one pictured in this picture below from Southern Living.

I have finally come across some that are ok, meaning that they will do but they are not exactly what I want.

This first one in black is from Country Curtains. It is the last place in the world that I would have ever looked if my Granny had not sent me their catalog. I couldn't believe that I had been looking for these for such a long time and they were in the "Country Curtains" catalog of all places, and only cost $23. The only problem or problems is the rod diameter was only 5/8".

This next one is from Amazon. It comes in 2 or 3 different finishes. It only costs $19. only prob is that they were out of the antique brass finish that I wanted and the rings to go with it were in a package of 10 for $17.99. I would have had to buy 2 packages. Finally, the rod diameter was 1/2". Smaller than I was loooking for.

This last one is the one that I ended up going with and it is from JC Penney. I went with this one for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it is on sale for $24.99, the rings that are made to go with it are on sale also for $14.99 for a package of 14 (usually a package has 7 for that price). Also, the other big reason that I went with this one was the diameter of the rod was 1.25", while all of the other rods were smaller in diameter.
There were other sources on the net for these rods but they were way way way out of my price range. They charged by the foot for the rod and $55 for the ends or more. Then you had to buy the brackets and rings which all add up quick.


Anonymous said...

I also went through this process and found myself frustrated. I ended up going with the Restoration Hardware single hotel rod, but the sizes and availability have been sporadic at best. It appears one collection has all of their sizes again, but they are a little pricey. Anyway, here's the link:

Margaret said...

Can you send me a picture of the finished look? I have been looking for the same concept. Pottery Barn's are gorgeous, but too expensive. Restoration Hardware is even more expensive. Also, I am curious how you hung them. Did you secure them like they did in the above photo at the 4th ring?

canvas wall art said...

I'm looking the same style of curtain rod like these,Good thing that you have share where can I find the same thing.hope I can choose variety of style and exact size that I need.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog enttry...having the same problem myself, and I can't find your Amazon rod. What did you search under, or what's it called? I love that look best.


courteneykay said...


They are currently unavailable, but here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Any idea where I can get a similar one...looking for a straight french- country bracket (not round bracket sold on most return-to wall rods) that is about 1/2- 1" diameter. Preferably iron or antique brass but not picky...


courteneykay said...

I would search all over ebay. Also, I know there are some places that custom make them but they can get really really pricey.

Skip said...

Thanks for all your research. Do you have an internet link to the JC Penny curtain rod?