Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sofa is in...... What do you think?

please excuse the pics that were taken by the store owner's cell phone. I called and he said it was in.  I asked if he would take a pic b/c the curiosity was killing me.  It is hard to tell how wonderful this sofa really is in these pics. I can't wait to get it. We had it made and have been waiting for a couple of months
It is a english roll arm sofa from Hickory Galleries.  Very well made sofas.  We decided to get it with a sleeper and we customized a few other things.  We are very excited about it and can't wait to get it in our house.  It had been so long since I picked out the fabric that I started second guessing myself.  It is a pretty neutral color.  It is a light gold/camel color.  I can't remember the actual name but it is going to look good with my "Amazing Gray" walls. 

So, what do ya think?

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Kathy said...

The sofa is wonderful! You all did good!