Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ty Larkins Beautiful Home

Ty Larkins is a interior designer that lives in Baton Rouge.  He is not too far from where I live.  These pictures have been around for a while.  Joni from Cote de Texas did a post on him back in 2008, but I still love looking at all of his work.  He is extremely talented and I would drop everything if I ever had the chance to work with him or even for him.  I am not even joking about that.  He is 100% my style and I have yet to see anything that he has done that I didn't like. 

How amazing is that huge piece of art above the sofa.  I love big statement pieces like that. 

A kitchen that I couldn't see myself ever getting tired of. 

Niermann Weeks Iron and Crystal Chandelier above dining table

 curtain rods that return to the wall are my favorite!

 I like how the tile goes all the way up the wall. 

I love the painted ceiling.

Don't you feel like you are hanging out in a courtyard in New Orleans sipping on a mint julep for brunch or a glass of red wine in the evening?

His design is practical, timeless, traditional and updated at the same time and you can see yourself living in his space.  I love the neutral backdrops with splashes of color and everything feels clean.  It does not feel cluttered.  Did I mention FABULOUS!  It would be a dream job to work him!

Images via House Beautiful


lisaroyhandbags said...

These rooms are beautiful and it just goes to show that great designers truly know how to design rooms that feel just as fresh 3 years later :)

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Oh my gosh, gorgeous home! That kitchen... wow. The chalkboard and pendant lights- gorgeous!