Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY Chandelier

I love this chandelier that is in the picture below.   I have seen them in lots of pics around the web and for sale at Ballard Designs and a few other places.  Check out what some crafty bloggers did to make one from Driftwood. 
photo via House of Turquoise / Designer: Meg Adams

Shirley, from the blog Blessed made this chandelier with driftwood.  It all started with a hanging basket.  Check it out here to see more pictures on how they made it.  I think it looks really good!!
via alamode blog

Another tutorial on how to make a beaded chandelier. Check it out here

....and finally another DIY chandelier by another creative blogger over at Gus & Lula.


shirley slee said...

Thanks for the feature!! The driftwood chandelier was super fun, and we love it more everyday, it hangs above the Island in our kitchen! Shirley Slee

Visual Vamp said...

Oh no they didn't!
xo xo