Monday, June 6, 2011

Bamboo Blinds Part Deux

There are pros and cons to bamboo blinds.  Ok, actually I can only think of one con and lots of pros.  The only con is that they do not give complete privacy at night.   There are 2 solutions to this problem that I know of.  First, hang curtains with the bamboo blinds and close the curtains at night.   Capiche!!  Second, put up a privacy liner.  Check out how this creative blogger added blackout liner to her bamboo blinds.
First, she untied the strings at the bottom of the shade.  Then she spread the shade out flat and lined it up with the piece of blackout liner that she had cut to fit it.  Next she broke out the hot glue gun and used it to adhere the two together.  The blue lines in the first pic show where she used the glue down the shade. 

Then she used scissors to make a small cut where the rings are and pulled it through.  See above pic. She then pulled the strings back through the rings as they were before and hung the shade.  Below is the finished product. 

see here tutorial here from The Borrowed Abode blog

all images via The Borrowed Abode


Tammy@InStitches said...

You know I've thought about doing this so many times but just never have, glad to know it works !

Michael said...


I found your blog on accident while searching for new homes featuring French style architecture. I'm still in the design stage of my own project, and I'm hoping you could help me out. Can I persuade you to create a blog post that features the floor plan of your home. I love that the exterior center "core" of your home is symmetrical. It really looks fantastic! On the inside, I love how the kitchen, great room, and dining appear to be one large space. These are feature I can't seem to find in a preexisting plan nor have I been able to create one on my own.

Thank you so much in advance. Completely understand if you can't or don't want to, but I figured it was worth asking.

Have a great day!