Friday, June 3, 2011

Hanging Bamboo Blinds: Do's and Don'ts

If you are going to hang the bamboo blind above and outside the window frame then make sure it is wide enough to cover the window frame, not just the window.  See how above you can see where the white trim around the window ends going up the side of the shade.  That doesn't look good in my opinion.  If they had closed the curtain to where it covered where the frame ends then it wouldn't be as bad.

In this picture above (which has been around the web and back) you can see how they hung the blind all the way up to the ceiling and made it wide enough to cover the surrounding window frame.  It looks good!

Again.... DO
Just like the last pic.  The hung it all the way to the crown molding and covered the frame on both sides.  It would just look funny to see the frame end on both sides of the shade 12" from the top yet the see shade go all the way up.

I am all about bringing the curtains up to the ceiling to elongate the look but there does not need to be a big gap between the shade and the curtain rod. 

This pic from Young House Love is another good example of what to DO.  They hung the blind just under the rod and it looks good.  Here is a picture of before they hung the blind and see how much better it looks without that space between the rod and window frame showing. 

Images: via here, here, and here


Heather said...

My only question then is, what if you have two windows right next to each other? In my bedroom there are two tall narrow windows. I put two curtains panels up (now I'm wondering if I need 4) and they open to the outside edges, with the two windows it the middle. I hung the curtain rod to the ceiling but I don't really like that empty look when the curtains are open. I would like to put bamboo blinds within the space of the frames (one for each window) and have space on my window frame to attach it that way. Based on what you have said I wonder if it would be better to have the two outside of the frame and the edges might touch or be close. There is about 3-4" between the frames of the windows, Or one wide blind (like young house love) over both windows. Also, should it always be outside the frame and go up to just under the curtain rod?

Heather said...

Yikes, it's actually 8 1/2" between the trim of the two tall narrow windows I was talking about earlier.

courteneykay said...

Heather, I see that you posted your comment forever ago and I am just now getting back to you. Sorry about that. Did you figure anything out?? Or are you still working on it? If you are still trying to figure it out then send me a email at and send a pic of the window.

It sounds like they either need to be touching or have one big blind. how wide are the windows?